I took an original most likely post war not WW2 but still very old Japanese 25 meter  Military target and had a local printer make some copies.You get 10 White Targets on regular paper,1 brown colored target printed on thick card stock that was as close to the originals targets aged color as I could get and 1 tan colored target that is what I believe the color of the original were.All are 7x10" and made in USA on USA made paper.I made up the white ones so I could see them better and have something to shoot at and the brown and tan are more for display in a man cave or gun room.Even if they are of post war origin  they are still a cool Item to have with your Japanese Firearms.According to the  fine collectors on the Japanese section of Gunboards it says:(Japanese translation) 25 Metoru-yo kokuten-teki aratame A,(Literal translation)25M for black spot basis reforming A. (Additional info on targets From Gunboards) W inside a cherry blossom is Howa's stamp on their military and/or related products. Howa Machinery Company Ltd 

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Japanese Military 25 Meter Sight In Targets

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